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White Space / TV Band Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the use of VHF and UHF TV channels by others in a recent ruling. KTS Wireless has pioneered the development of the radio technology required for operation in this new spectrum and participated in several major trials (Claudville, Wilmington) starting in 2009.

Use of these TV channels requires interference avoidance with incumbent users such as existing TV broadcasters. Radios are required to be continuously under the control of a Database Manager that provides a list of available channels within the geographic area of operation.

The transmit RF power, antenna gain and height and frequencies are all specified by the FCC. TV channels 2 (54-60 MHz), 5-6 (76-88 MHz), 7-13 (174 – 216 MHz) and 21-51 (512 – 698 MHz, except 608-614 MHz) are candidates for use by a TV Band device (TVBD) such as KTS Wireless’ AWR. Channels 14-20 (470-512 MHz) are candidates in most of the US. The subset of channels available at any time in a specific region will vary based on incumbent use. Updates are provided by an FCC-approved database. However, the introduction of new broadcast TV stations is rare, especially in remote areas, and never without significant advance notice.

The total spectrum potentially available in these bands is over 200 MHz and the highest frequency is below 700 MHz! This makes it a great alternative for over-burdened 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz unlicensed bands.

This new spectrum can be used for any application including SCADA, Video Surveillance and rural Internet access.


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