Which Agility Solution is best for you?

The ATR Solution

1.) Are you currently using a narrow band solution?

2.) Do you use owned spectrum?

3.) Are your application needs continuing to be met with narrowband licensed channels?

4.) Do you need security in your narrow band/ SCADA networks?

See what the Agility Telemetry Radio (ATR) has to offer

The AWR Solution

1.) Are your applications based primarily on Ethernet working protocols?

2.) Are you struggling to make Wi-Fi, 900 MHz solutions work?

3.) Do you need high data rates over long range?

4.) Are you familiar with “white space”?

5.) Do you currently pay for spectrum?

See what the Agility White Space Radio (AWR) has to offer

The AMR Solution

1.) Do you want a single radio that can do both narrowband and wideband operations?

2.) Do you need both Ethernet and serial interfaces in a broadband solution?

3.) Do you need an environmentally rugged solution?

See what the Agility Military Radio (AMR) has to offer