Helpful Downloads and Manuals

Name Description Link
ATR Agility Telemetry Radio Product Brief ATR Product Brief (PDF)
ATR Agility Telemetry Radio User Manual ATR User Manual (PDF)
AMR Agility Military Radio Product Brief AMR Product Brief (PDF)
AWR Agility White Space Radio Product Brief AWR Product Brief (PDF)
AWR Agility White Space Radio Quick Start Manual AWR Quick Start Manual (PDF)
AWR Package – operator manual, EMS Tool, release notes, FPGA, firmware AWR Download page
ATR EMS Element Management Software. Java based configuration tool for ATR radio networks Download ATR EMS Tool (ZIP)
JAVA Java is required to run the EMS tool. Download Java (EXE)
Product Brief – ADR Agility Data Radio Product Brief PDF file
User Manual – ADR Agility Data Radio User Manual PDF file
Link Budget Estimator Tool A spreadsheet to design a radio network xls (MS Excel) file
White Papers
SCADA White Paper Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Applications using the Agility Radios SCADA Whitepaper (PDF)


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