A reliable change for Perimeter Security

Security is a top priority for many public, private and governmental organizations to ensure personal safety and protect company assets from loss and threats of disasters. The evolutionary shift in technology from standalone analog systems to integrated IP networks provides many functional and financial benefits—from better protection of people and assets to enhanced productivity through integrated systems.

TV White Space has made perimeter security and surveillance systems possible in applications that were previously too remote or distributed for conventional cabling or wireless technology. This frequency band will penetrate most obstacles including foliage, difficult terrain and existing structures that made wireless deployments difficult in the past.

The KTS Agility White Space radio will enhance the use of perimeter security for industrial, manufacturing, retail, education and public safety applications, due to these benefits:

  • Simple, low cost alternative utilizing unlicensed white space frequencies
  • Reliable, robust communications link with better NLOS coverage
  • More bandwidth capability with Ethernet-IP-enabled features
  • Flexible deployment as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks
  • Rugged, waterproof form factor for reliable outdoor environments

perimeter_security_ktsImplementing the KTS AWR solution using TV White Space for perimeter security will enable a cost effective, broadband infrastructure eliminating poor video feeds from hard to reach, isolated camera locations.


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