Live Training Instrumentation Systems for Military applications

TargetPicRadio Controlled Targeting Systems come in two varieties, fixed or portable. Both applications require wireless contact between the target and a control location – and that’s where KTS Wireless’ AMR (Agility Military Radio) comes in.

This rugged, military-grade wireless modem is a perfect match for virtually all military range control applications. The AMR’s high level of technical superiority backed with KTS Wireless unparalleled customer service make KTS Wireless the product of choice for Military Contractors around the globe.

Target31KTS Wireless offers an easy-to-configure IP-based or serial radio modem that is highly Software defined yet extremely intuitive, making a very sophisticated product easy to set up.

KTS Wireless offerings include 145-225 MHz, 210-470 MHz and 470-930 MHz, all available in 100, 50, 25, 12.5 and 6.25 kHz channel bandwidths. And with a power rating of up to 5 Watts on most frequencies, the AMR gives you all the propagation punch needed for virtually any military target control application.

Agility Military Radio

In addition to the standard available frequencies, KTS Wireless offers the new “White Space” frequencies, allowing for wide bandwidths to operate at fixed channels at frequencies that afford far more range and better propagation than traditional Spread Spectrum solutions.

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