Wide Area Logistics and Asset Management

Field automation initiatives have been deployed to improve communication, increase productivity, streamline work processes, and enhance customer service and loyalty. Mobility simplifies many field service processes, like data collection, with features such as: bar-code scanners, RFID tags, and GPS location. Field Service Management solutions integrate with a company’s back-office environment processes.

With the development of unlicensed TV White Space technology, companies no longer need to rely on a single wireless technology to address its field automation projects. The primary solutions have historically been carrier-based with fixed recurring costs, congested licensed frequencies in the 900MHz range, or unlicensed 2.4GHz WiFi which is plagued by poor coverage & poor propagation characteristics.

The advantages of the KTS Agility White Space radio will impact industries due to these benefits:

  • Simple, low cost alternative utilizing unlicensed white space frequencies
  • Reliable, robust communications link with better NLOS coverage
  • More bandwidth capability with Ethernet-IP-enabled features
  • Flexible deployment as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks
  • Rugged, waterproof form factor for reliable outdoor environments


Field automation using TV White Space can help organizations develop a robust communication link that is effective and efficient for asset tracking, automated dispatch, smart metering, and the control of vehicles and mechanized devices. The KTS AWR product is a great alternative for establishing a wireless backhaul infrastructure for any type of field automation project.


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