From narrow band to wide band Agility Radios

TV White Space has made monitoring systems possible in applications that were previously too remote or distributed for conventional cabling or wireless technology. This frequency band will penetrate most obstacles including foliage, difficult terrain and existing structures that made wireless deployments difficult in the past.

The advantages of the KTS Agility White Space radio will impact the critical infrastructure industries such as Utilities, oil pipeline, power generation and water conservation due to these benefits:

  • Simple, low cost alternative utilizing unlicensed white space frequencies
  • Reliable, robust communications link with better NLOS coverage
  • More bandwidth capability with Ethernet-IP-enabled features
  • Flexible deployment as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks
  • More than 225 MHz of additional unlicensed, UHF spectrum
  • Rugged, waterproof form factor for reliable outdoor operations

These industries will benefit from this advanced communication technology to enable critical applications such as sensor data logging, remote diagnostics, and controller automation with absolute confidence. SCADA applications can be more widely deployed with this IP based technology very economically with TVWS.



Organizations are deploying wireless solutions and M2M applications to address more efficient management of manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, home energy systems and transportation infrastructures. White Space broadband technology now allows fast, cost-effective deployment to locations which were previously not cost effective. The KTS product solutions will reliably connect sensors and monitoring devices for:

  • Intelligent traffic systems: real-time traffic monitoring, video monitoring, inter-agency data exchange
  • Building & facilities automation
  • Industrial automation: primary or backup network to SCADA systems
  • Pipeline, water, and sewage management (monitoring & control)
  • Billboard and street light management


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