Agility® Sensor Radio Manager

The Agility® Sensor Radio Manager (ASR Manager) is a complete end-to-end radio, sensor and data management web application used to manage a network of ASRs with attached sensors. It is designed to take the complexity and worry out of managing large networks of devices. It is built on the Agility® IoT Platform and is adaptable to almost any form of data collected. Custom visualization modules are crafted around the data being presented for optimum and efficient use.

The ASRs periodically send sensor readings and status messages allowing the ASR Manager to monitor health of all radios and sensors. Application specific alarms can be created to generate emails or SMS messages based on events that occur in the data collected. The rate of readings taken as well as the frequency of reading and status messages are configurable for each and every ASR in the network.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.01.52 PM

Visualization Example

The ASR manager organizes users and ASRs by Facilities and Locations. Users may belong to more than one Facility and the Facility determines the role for that users access. Each Facility organizes data by a Location so that collection and visualization is done by the ID of the Location. In this way replacement of a ASR or sensor does not interrupt the collection and management of data.

Custom “skins” can be used to change the nomenclature to one more familiar to end users. For example, in Agricultural applications the Facility is referred to as a Farm and the Location is known as a Field.


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Skin and Map Example