Agility® Internet of Things Platform

The Agility® Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is the reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure used by KTS Wireless products. It is part of a complete end-to-end Sensor Management and Control solution that includes the Agility Sensor Radio and the ASR Manager. The solution consists of our cloud based servers, devices and the secure messaging protocol.

Reliable and Scalable

The cloud based server solution provides a scalable database backend fronted by load-balanced servers. It is scalable to most any degree to support large numbers of devices and users. The database is free-form and generic allowing storage of data from virtually any device. Custom web applications are data aware and provide visualization for the specific application. For example, a complete soil moisture monitoring application for agriculture is provided for High Yield Ag Solutions in the  MyFarm web application.

Worry Free Security

The secure messaging protocol makes use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where every message is digitally signed with a private key and is validated using the corresponding public key. Each device used in the platform is provisioned with a unique private key at time of manufacture. Each server is also provisioned with a private key and the public keys for all devices used by the system. When messages are received by a device the signature is validated using the server’s public key to insure that it is a legitimate message and came from the expected source. Likewise, any messages coming from a device are validated using the public key for that specific device. The use of PKI makes the messages virtually impossible to spoof.  Messages can optionally be encrypted as well.