At KTS, We deliver simple wireless solutions.

KTS a leading provider of wireless technology for over 30 years, is now offering data radio products for nearly all applications in the VHF and UHF bands. KTS Wireless (KTSW) has introduced two new radios with more flexibility than any available in the market today. Extended frequency and data rate agility allows a single radio to operate at 2.4 kb/s to 3.125 Mbps without any hardware changes. This flexibility allows network suppliers to stock one radio, multiple spectrum bands and support almost any data rate.

KTS Wireless is a Leader in Precision Agriculture Projects Such as Autonomous Vehicles, Asset Tracking, Vehicle to Vehicle Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks and Pivot Irrigation. In addition, KTS Wireless Agility® Family of Radios provides solutions in the following areas:

  • Oil and Gas Fields Upgrade of SCADA to Broadband Infrastructure, SCADA Backhaul
  • Cellular Network Backhaul of Supervisory Signaling
  • Parks and Recreation Projects for Wi-Fi Extension in Large External Environments
  • Wireless Delivery of Infotainment/Edutainment (Limited Applications)

KTS Wireless was started to productize intellectual property developed by Koos Technical Services over the past 25 years. Much of this intellectual property is used in wireless applications worldwide including the following:

  • Space Shuttle Program
  • Satellite Date Receivers for News Services and Military
  • Targeting Systems for the US Military
  • Point-to-point and Multipoint Microwave systems
  • Internet Access using new TV Bands
  • Broadcast Digital Audio Systems

A powerful collection of Koos Technical Services intellectual property, including digital modems, filters and equalizers, along with forward error correction codecs, has been bundled together to create the Agility® Family of Radios. KTS Wireless is marketing and producing these for a variety of applications.

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