Agility® Sensor Radio

The Agility® Sensor Radio (ASR) is a sensor radio and data logger that provides a wireless connection from a sensor to the Agility® IoT Platform server where readings are automatically collected and made available to the user through the ASR Manager web application. By using a browser on a smart phone, tablet, or PC, the user

  • Controls how often readings are taken
  • Controls how often the wireless connection is used to update the data store
  • Views the stored data in graphical formats
  • Can check the health of his ASR system including wireless signal strength and battery voltage

Readings are logged locally in the ASR on an integral micro SD card until they are reported over a wireless link to the Agility® IoT Platform server to guarantee no data is lost during unexpected wireless network outages.sensor radio

The ASR is packaged in a patent-pending tubular capsule designed to slide in to a tubular fiberglass mast section. Mast sections can be combined to provide up to 10 ft height with the radio capsule occupying the top section.

The ASR is provided in three (3) versions; Cellular, Mesh and Gateway.  The Cellular version includes a Verizon Wireless or AT&T Network compatible modem.  The Mesh version includes a 900 MHz, unlicensed radio that supports a mesh deployment architecture.  The Gateway version includes both cellular and mesh radios and is used to connect a collection of Mesh-version ASRs with the cellular network.


  • Support for cell or mesh unlicensed networks
  • Integrated multi-band antenna
  • User configurable measurement and reporting intervals
  • Battery operated with multi-year battery lifetimes
  • Readings reported to the secure KTS Wireless
  • Sensor Management Database
  • Interfaces with  any SDI-12, RS-485 or RS232 sensor
  • Power provided to sensor
  • Over-the-air software upgrades
  • Optional Mast with mounting heights up to 10 ft
  • Rechargeable Battery with 5 month charge life in typical application

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